How to use


To search for foods in the database, enter the desired term in the search field. Suggestions will be shown from the third letter entered.

Change quantities

The nutritional values are shown alongside the displayed search suggestions in increments of 100 g/ml by default. You can use the symbols and to increase or reduce these quantities by increments of 10 g/ml (and 5 g/ml for selected products). The corresponding nutritional values will be automatically updated after you change the amount.

Save favourites

For the suggestions displayed, you can use the symbol to add individual foods to a personal favourites collection so that you can show them more quickly on your next visit.

Add up nutritional values

For the suggestions displayed, you can use the symbol to assign individual foods to a group. Then click on the corresponding symbol in the search window to display the values of the individual foods as a total. This enables you to calculate the nutritional value of whole dishes.

! New ! Browse recipes

Click on the symbol in the search field to browse your recipes or those of others. In the recipe window, the ingredients are grouped as components and represent individual dish components or pan contents. This enables you to calculate the sum of the nutritional values of the served dish components or pan contents for your child.

! New ! Create a recipe

Search for foods using the search field and mark them with the symbol . You can use the symbol to arrange the foods as a recipe, and then save it and make it available to the community. To save recipes, you first need to register.


CH: Carbohydrates
BU: Bread unit (=CH/12)
CHU: Carbohydrate unit (=CH/10)
k: Thousand (1k = 1,000)
Medi: Medication
: Measuring spoon
: Capsules
g: grams
ml: millilitres